Can’t Do Enough?

It doesn’t matter who you ask, one of the places they will most like to spend their holiday will always have the Hawaiian Islands featured in that list. The most majestic of these islands in my opinion is Kauai. It is one of the oldest of the islands in Hawaii and the landscape has been shaped over millions of years to give you an island of absolutely mesmerizing beauty. Over the past few years it has also become a mass of gripping and awe inspiring activities. The question what to do in Kauai has so many answers you will always end up asking yourself why didn’t have more time. My name is Kayla Edwards and I would like to share some of the experiences of being on this no less than a fantasy of an island.

A few things about the Island

The island is the wettest island not only in the Hawaiian Islands but the summit of Mount Waialeale is the wettest place on Earth. The island is home to the Waimea canyon which has been shaped by eons of wind erosion and sculpted by the earth’s constant movement. The Island also has the only real navigable waterway in all the Hawaiian Islands in the form of the Wailua River. The Na Pali coast is also one of the defining beauty spots of the island and will take your breath away. The accommodations there are more than just luxurious; they are spectacular. You just need to view the Koloa Landing villas to understand what I am talking about.

What to do in Kauai?

The first and most obvious answers to the question what to do in Kauai is to take the helicopter tour of the island. The problem with the island is that due to the low population (which is lowest in all the Hawaiian Islands) the road network is limited and most of the most astonishing places on the island cannot be reached by roads. Ergo, the helicopter needs to be used. See the entire island and it usually costs around 200 dollars which is a trifle compared to what you will get back in return. Then we come to the Wailua River. It is an ideal destination to be river rafting and that is not all as the Wailua River holds within itself a secret waterfall that will blow you away. If you crave adventure and thrill, it isn’t going to get any better than this. Then there is the array of beach activities, Kauai has them all. From parasailing to jet skis, but those things are for middle aged dads really. What you would rather be doing is sporting clays. If guns aren’t your thing, go and see the Kalalau trail which is an absolutely fantastic hike through the clasps of nature at its most nourishing and beautiful. If you want to see the island you will never run out of interesting spots to visit and neither will any of the views fail you strike you with awe.

If the Garden of Eden existed it must have been Kauai. There is nowhere where beauty thrives more vibrantly then in Kauai. Now you can enjoy this breathtaking beauty but you can choose to relax in the top kauai spa at Koloa Landing and enjoy the sunset on the beach outside your Koloa Landing Resort, or you can get your hands dirty and see the entire island for yourself. You can remain engrossed in activities enjoying every moment of it in a place where you cannot look left or right without seeing anything other than the shimmering glory that nature has bestowed upon us. is absolute heaven.

Get out of the Rut

It may seem like a cliché to go on a holiday on a tropical island, but there is a very good reason why everyone does it. It is absolute paradise. My name is Brian Bridges and I would like to tell you about a very special place. Kauai is an island in Hawaii. It is the wettest island there and it has humidity above a 90% nearly all year round. It is also called the garden island because of the fabulous array of life it boasts. What’s more, there are more answers to the question what to do in Kauai than you can handle.

About the Island

Kauai is a mass of geographic and geologic wonders. It is one of the oldest islands formed and the constant movement of the earth and eons of soil, wind and water erosions have crafted it into nothing less than a work of art. You will be mesmerized by the Waimea canyon. It has natural beauty oozing out of it left and right. Then there is the Kalalau trail just beyond it from which you can see clouds glistening up the beauty of everything around it. The Wailua River is the only real river in Hawaii and don’t forget the Na Pali coast. These two will steal your heart and keep it as you will keep on wanting to return here. Finally, there’s the summit of the Waialeale Mountain which is the wettest place on earth.

What to do in Kauai?

The first thing to do is visit all the places. You need to use a helicopter to do so as there are many isolated places (due to the lack of road networks) where the island shines its beauty the brightest. You will be able to visit many places and see the beautiful island from the top. Places to visit include the Na pali coast. Words fail to describe the beauty of this coast and there are the usual activities of a beach that you can do on this coast. The Waimea canyon is an absolute wonder. I’m sorry for saying this but the Grand Canyon (beauty-wise) is nothing but a big hole in the ground whereas this canyon has beauty shimmering to its very core. Not something you would want to miss. You can take hikes to places like the Kalalau trail and Kalalau lookout. Then there is Mount Waialeale, you will need to use a helicopter to reach this place but it will be worth it. Hanalei beach is a fantastic place to relax and let you hair down but if you are looking for more action then why not go river rafting? The Wailau River is a popular rafting location and not only does it thrill your most primeval senses but it also gives you a special reward. It holds in itself a hidden waterfall that will have you staring at it in awe for hours. There are indoor activities too like sporting clays. The things to do in Kauai are not limited to just spas and great views. It is a fantastic holiday destination in every aspect you want. What to do in Kauai? Apparently more things than you can do.

It is easy to be fooled into thinking that a peaceful little island with absolute harmony with nature may offer you no adrenaline pumping action. For the most part it is true as most people come here to relax but there are tons of activities lined up for the thrill seekers. Make no mistake you will find hundreds of middle aged dads in the hotel you will book but that just means that there are things to do in Kauai for everyone who visits it.

A day in Kauai

Kauai is an island in Hawaii and it is called the garden Island. The reason for this is that it is the wettest island in Hawaii and boasts the most life. If you happen to be in Kauai and the question of what to do in Kauai in one day has to be asked there is only one answer. Take the helicopter tour.

The Helicopter tour

There are many places to visit in Kauai. There is the Waialeale Mountain which happens to be the wettest spot on earth which boasts a precipitation of four hundred and eighty centimeters every year. Then you have the Waimea canyon which is a natural wonder. There is beauty on both side and evidence of the earth’s constant movement that has sculpted it. The Wailua River is also a popular attraction and you can go to all those places with the helicopter. You will need the helicopter to visit many of the secluded spectacular spots of the island as there is a shortage of road networks and this should be the primary objective of your visit to the island.

Other activities

There is more than enough to do in Kauai. There is river rafting in the Wailua river which will take you to a waterfall hidden in the river flow. Then there are more indoor activities like sporting and of course the magnificent spas to help you relax. You can take hikes to places like the Walalau trail and visiting the majestic coastlines of Na Pali is a must visit. What to do in Kauai? You will be showered with answers and every single one of them will help you explore the magnificence of this beautiful island. Visit Kauai and see for yourself, you will definitely come out wanting more and more.